Volunteer at White River State Park

Do you, your group, or your organization wish to participate in a volunteer day at White River State Park? We offer a wide range of volunteer options whether you are an individual or a large group looking to make a difference in your community! We also offer community service for individuals looking to fulfill service hours.

Contact us today to find out which volunteer experience fits you best!


  • Post-Event and Concert Cleanup
    • We host a number of large events and concerts every year that leave a footprint. Sign up to help pick up trash and repair grass following events.


  • Horticulture/Landscaping
    • Help with native plantings throughout the park or invasive species removal along the urban wilderness trail
  • Park Beautification
    • Remove graffiti, clean medians, aid in trash removal, and help clean up the White River
  • Create Your Own
    • Is there something that you’ve noticed in White River State Park that you want to help with? Feel free to contact us!


  • Do you need or are you looking to fulfill community service hours? We offer community service opportunities for individuals. You will work closely with the grounds crew!
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