Treat your senses to the most powerful and involving movie experience yet created. Our academy award-winning IMAX® technology brings images to life like no other!

The IMAX® Theater inside the Indiana State Museum at White River State Park provides you with a larger-than-life escape, putting you in the middle of the action on Indiana’s largest movie screen (towering over six stories tall).

Tickets are available by phone at 317-233-IMAX ( 4629 ), or online and in-person at the new IMAX® Theater Box Office.

The IMAX® Theater is located inside the Indiana State Museum at White River State Park. The Theater offers traditional world-class IMAX® films (generally 45-minutes to 1-hour documentaries) in both 2D and stunning IMAX® 3D. You will also experience IMAX® DMR(digitally re-mastered) Hollywood blockbusters played in the most advanced film format in the world (15/70 mm and 35 mm prints) and IMAX® digital presentations.

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