Urban Wilderness Trail

Find your escape in Downtown Indianapolis, on the Urban Wilderness Trail! Explore Indianapolis’ first Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, spot beavers and bald eagles, appreciate artwork from local artists, and enjoy the beautiful view of the Downtown Indianapolis skyline.

The Urban Wilderness Trail provides extensive access to a 250 acre urban oasis in downtown Indianapolis along the White River. It’s a vibrant wildlife habitat with easy community access to nature. An outdoor living laboratory for the introduction, and study, of native Indiana flora and fauna species. All are welcome to visit and explore!

Certified Sustainable Trail

The Urban Wilderness Trail was the first to be certified by The Indiana Wildlife Federation’s Certified Sustainable Trails Program to promote the conservation, enhancement, and restoration of wildlife habitat surrounding trail areas and encourage the development of trails into thriving habitat corridors. The Urban Wilderness Trail is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural habitat with the ultimate goal of the establishment of a premier urban wildlife habitat trail that proactively and continually works with the inherent will of nature and the shared-space requirements of municipal infrastructure.

Trail Transformation

The Urban Wilderness Trail was transformed from Indianapolis Department of Public Works service roads to the trail it is today in order to help maintain year-round pedestrian access to the 250 acres of wildlife habitat connecting access to waterways and trails. Led by the Indiana Invaders Coaching Staff, Support Staff and Athletes, Indy Parks and White River State Park, recognized the unique value of the space in terms of competitive and recreational running on natural surfaces.

Through the completion of this project, gateways and windows have been created for individuals and organizations alike seeking access and exposure to outdoor educational and wellness benefits provided by the trail while safe-guarding the functional and sustainable natural habitats.

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