Art in the Park

White River State Park is home to a variety of permanent public art pieces – all of which have fantastic stories to share and add their own special touch to the park.



Totem – Rinaldo Paluzzi, American - Spanish Fabricated by Mitchum-Schaefer, Inc. of Indianapolis and donated to the White River State Park on November 9, 1982. Totem is a 32 x 5 x 5 foot sculpture located in Celebration Plaza, White River State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Prime Commonality

Prime Commonality by Luke Crawley & Quincy Owens – Indianapolis, IN . The ancestral commonality between humans and chimpanzees is undeniable, with dramatic evidence exhibited in our chromosomal similarities.  Prime Commonality is visually inspired by the high degree of correlation as shown in human and chimpanzee chromosomal banding patterns.


Linear V

Linear V by Jarrett K. Hawkins – Deer Park, OH . Linear V is based on natural process—natural mechanics of human vision as demonstrated through line and pattern, figure and ground. This artistic approach simulates processes in the larger natural world, such as the shapes created by erosion or the meandering of a river.



 Harmony by Don Lawler – Louisville, KY “Harmony” is a symbolic reminder for us to find a balance with the world that we inhabit.  The cubic forms represent the Cities of Man; they are fused together because we depend on each other... for everything. 


Don’t Forget Us

Don’t Forget Us by Nathan Pierce – Cape Girardeau, MO In this modern world, where we constantly feel more connected through advancements in technology.  I believe that we are simultaneously disconnected as a result of these devices.  By using public art as a vehicle for expressing contemporary issues concerning communication I see the concept for my work becoming more relevant every day.



Hurricane – Raymond Katz The manipulation of form in space to create visual balance, using rhythm, action and movement, combine to create compositions that convey the implied energy found in my work, and expressed in my current installation “Hurricane.”



American Bison by William E. Arnold – Wilkison, IN . The sculpture is a life-sized male bison constructed of barbed wire, densely coiled and woven. The figure is facing north and stands on a rough limestone block base. It is located on the west end of the Washington Street Bridge at the entrance to the Indianapolis Zoo.



Sentinel By Ben Pierce Cape Girardeau - MO Skyward is inspired by the ‘natural world’ and resembles the growth of a young sprout uncurling and reaching towards the sun.  There is also influence from the ‘hu-man-made’ [...]


Sky Waltz

Sky Waltz by John Mishler — Goshen, Indiana Originally Sky Waltz was part of the Sculpture in Park exhibitions.  At the conclusion of its program, the Park added the piece to its permanent collection of [...]


Flora Metalica

Flora Metalica by Douglas M. Gruizenga — Interlochen, Michigan The artist intends to welcome various interpretations of all viewers, bringing their experiences and understanding to the sculpture.  Through his work, he studies absolutes and variables [...]



Finish By Terrence Karpowicz – Chicago Terrence Karpowicz originally created the piece titled “Finish” for Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Mich. Recently on exhibit at the Meijer Sculpture Garden and several locations in Chicago, “Finish” [...]